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The Best Study Spots in Groningen

If you’re studying in the Netherlands’ northern hotspot, Groningen, you may have already familiarized yourself with the city’s gems – from medieval cobblestone streets to the biggest bar in Europe, De Drie Gezusters. While exploring is one of the best parts of living abroad, it won’t help you pass your courses. Only a good old study session can do the trick. To help you ace long assignments or any last-minute cramming, these are the best study spots in Groningen.

UB Groningen

Yes, admittedly you probably could’ve come up with the university library on your own, as it’s probably the most obvious study spot. Still, it’s worth a mention, because of its size, central location and great facilities. 

This library’s simultaneous upside and downside is the fact that you need to reserve a spot. While this guarantees that you'll have somewhere sit once you get there, it also means that you have to be quick enough to snatch a seat while there are still options. Especially during exam periods, it’s important that you reserve in advance, so you don’t end up stranded during this important period. The new rooster is always updated at midnight two days in advance. 

You can book a seat with or without a computer via LibCal, or reserve a studio for a group with the Library App

Harmony Building

If you need fellow university students around you to make sure you stay focused, then the city-center Harmony Building might be another great option. Although it doesn’t have the most cheerful interior, there’s no shortage of spots to spread your books out on. 

The cafeteria has a lot of booths and tables, which students make use of outside of lunch times, but there are also seats lining the hallways and in the designated study room on the first floor. Places in the latter can be reserved here. As people aren’t usually quick to think of this building, it may not be as difficult to find a quiet place to focus.

Koffiestation Books & Coffee

For more casual study needs, Koffiestation Books & Coffee is a great option. Located within walking distance of both the Harmony and Academy Building, this cozy café with its calming interior won’t make it hard to romanticize your student days. 

Not only is the coffee amazing, but you’re also all set when it comes to switching up your reading material when you need a break. As the name suggests, this café is also a bookstore and has a nice selection of English books for you to choose from. 

Coffeecompany Carolieweg or Oude Ebbingestraat

You’ll probably find a Coffeecompany on every list of best study spots in any Dutch student city. But, it’s for good reason that this café keeps getting mentioned again and again. It’s arguably the best laptop-friendly place, which is widely accessible throughout the country. 

Not only is the coffee great, but there are also many outlets available, while nobody will bother you if you stay seated for hours at a time. 

If you’re not a coffee lover, there are also plenty of other drinks available, such as matcha, chai lattes and an assortment of loose-leaf teas and sodas.  


Arguably, we saved the best for last. Forum, with its unusual shape, is truly an icon among Groningen’s skyline, which otherwise only consists of church towers. An unusual concept, this building is a library, meeting space, museum, cinema, gift shop and popular study spot all in one. 

Every floor has a number of tables and chairs available for getting work done, while there’s also no shortage of caffeinated sustenance nearby when needed. The only thing to keep in mind is that everyone loves Forum, which means it can get quite crowded and noisy, as people are always going up and down the escalators. 

Fighting for that study spot is worth it here, however, as you can catch a movie with friends or watch a beautiful sunset from the open rooftop after you’ve finished your work. 

That’s our list of the best study spots in Groningen that you can keep coming back to while striving for academic success, be it that cum laude average or a simple pass. 

As part of this series, we’ve also written another blog post on the best study spots in Delft. Check it out here

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