Student Mobility provides international students with a customised mobility concept.

Just arrived in the Netherlands and unfamiliar with the Dutch public transport system? Don’t worry, Student Mobility will get you up and moving in no time with its Student Mobility services.
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How to get around the Netherlands.
In the Netherlands, most students choose to travel by public transport and bike. Student Mobility, in cooperation with ISIC, provides solutions for both. 
Tripkey Mobility Card
Dutch trains, trams, metros and buses all use the same payment system: the OV-chipkaart. Getting a card and choosing a suitable subscription is a complicated process, especially for international students. That is why Student Mobility created the Tripkey Mobility Card, a custom-made public transport card which offers discounts to international students. 
Student discount
What would student life be without a few discounts? The Tripkey Mobility Card grants you a 15% discount during weekends and weekday off-peak hours on all trains of the Dutch Railways, or Nederlandse Spoorwegen (NS). Not only will you receive a travel card but also a digital ISIC student ID. This 12 month membership will be your ticket to the biggest network of global student benefits in the world.
Customised application with international payment methods
Since you are new to the Netherlands and probably don’t speak Dutch nor have a Dutch bank account yet, we made a customised application process for international students that allows you to opt for an international payment method.
If anything else is unclear, you can find step-by-step instructions on how to travel in the Netherlands on our website. Our English-speaking customer service would also be happy to answer your questions! 

Tripkey Mobility Card

The Tripkey Mobility Card provides seamless access to all public transport in the Netherlands. Ditch the hassle and jump from train to tram to bus to bike all in one day, just like the locals do. After the registration process in the Student Mobility app, you’ll never again have to upload money onto your pass. This ensures that missing a train due to an insufficient balance is a thing of the past. 

NS train tickets

Get your first discounted train tricket from Student Mobility right away! Are you arriving at the airport, or anywhere else, but don’t have your Tripkey Mobility Card yet? No problem. Order your train ticket for a reduced fare. 


Dutchies are known for their bikes. No matter the weather, cycling will be their preferred mode of transportation. Whether you wish to own your own bike or rent one during your stay in the Netherlands, Student Mobility has got you covered.
Take advantage of our Student Mobility services.
Pick between the mobility products that fit your needs or choose them all to get the complete package.   
TripKey Mobility
Your TripKey Mobility Card will provide you with access to all modes of public transportation in the Netherlands. Connect to the app and travel seamlessly.
Sign up for the bike program and get your bike, whether bought or leased, straight after arrival, obviously for student prices.
Are you arriving at Schiphol and need to get to Nijmegen, Maastricht, Enschede or another Dutch city? Get your first train ticket from Student Mobility for a strongly reduced fare.
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Combining the Tripkey Mobility Card and the ISIC Student ID.
With the Tripkey Mobility Card, public transport in the Netherlands is no longer a challenge. Simply swipe the card and easily check in an out of all modes of transport. 
The combined offer provides you with:
  • Easy access to public transport and shared bikes; You will be jumping from train to tram to bus to bike in no time, just like the locals do. Once fully registered, you will never again have to upload money onto the pass, guaranteeing that an insufficient balance will not stand in the way of you missing a train. 
  • Student discount; With the Tripkey Mobility Card you’ll get a 15% discount during weekends and weekday off-peak hours on all trains of the Dutch Railways, or Nederlandse Spoorwegen (NS). Not only will you receive a travel card but also a digital ISIC student ID. This 12 month membership will be your ticket to the biggest network of global student benefits in the world!
  • Customised application with international payment methods; We made a customised application process for international students that allows you to opt for an international payment method. 
For the combined offer, you pay a one-time purchase price of 15 EUR. Monthly, we will charge you for your travel costs and a subscription fee of 4,50 EUR. 
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It’s impossible to live the real “Dutch experience” without getting a bike. Student Mobility can help you buy or lease one. 
We offer affordable refurbished bikes which were previously owned by your fellow international students. If you’re moving back home, and the bike is still in good shape, we will buy it back from you for a fair price. 
The bike lease plan is simple and straightforward and looks like this:
  • Fixed monthly rate
  • 3 bike-options: grandma-bike, citybike, e-bike
  • Monthly terminable contracts (minimum membership of 3 months)
  • No maintenance costs (fair-use)
  • Pick-up point in selected student cities
* Student Mobility is only acting as an intermediate. The contract will be with a third party.
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NS train tickets
Whether you're traveling to your new university from the airport or elsewhere, you will most likely take the train. You can now order your first train ticket from Student Mobility for great student fares.
With our two offered options, you can get on and off the train at any Dutch station of your choice. After placing your order, you will be sent a personal voucher and extra information. It can take up to four business days to receive the ticket. 
Ticket options:
  • Off-peak hour ticket for 12,50 EUR (weekdays after 9 am, and entire weekends)
  • All hours ticket for 17,50 EUR
Train tickets in the Netherlands are expensive, for example:
Schiphol Airport to Groningen / Maastricht / Enschede / Eindhoven / Wageningen / Tilburg / Nijmegen / Arnhem, etc. cost 20 EUR or more!
* Traveling to Amsterdam? A ticket Schiphol Airport - Amsterdam central is 4,50 EUR, so this product is not relevant for you! Check all ticket prices at, and discover if, and how much you save!
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Frequently Asked Questions

I heard somewhere that students travel for free in the Netherlands, is that true?
That would be the dream but, unfortunately, that is not the case. It is true that students who are eligible for 'study finance' can also use the "Student Travel Product" provided by the government. However, very few international students are eligible for this. You can check here if you are here: 
Are the Tripkey Mobility Card and the ISIC card  the same? How does it work?
The Tripkey Mobility Card is only for traveling throughout the Dutch public transport system. In addition to the mobility card, you also receive a complimentary digital ISIC card. Once your mobility card has been shipped to you, you'll receive an activation link for your ISIC card. The ISIC card is an official student-ID and provides access to an extensive discount network worldwide. In short, they are two separate products. 
How does the Tripkey Mobility Card work and how do I pay for my travels?
With the Tripkey Mobility Card, you can access public transport in the Netherlands and make use of the OV-bikes. Before traveling, you have to register your card in the Student Mobility App, connect a valid payment method and pick up the travel products at an OV-device. To do so, follow the instructions on your leaflet. After picking up the travel products at an NS or OV-chipkaart device, you are ready to travel. From then on, the app will show you your travel transactions and travel costs. We'll charge your bank account or credit card on a regular basis.
Why do I pay a monthly subscription fee?
The subscription fee is for the advantages you receive. For example, the discount at NS trains, English-speaking customer service, the postponed payment of travel costs and the availability of international payment methods.
What happens after I sign-up to your bike-program?
Student Mobility is not the supplier of bikes. Instead, we have carefully selected the best suppliers for both buying and leasing a bike. After signing up, you will receive an email with all the information needed to place your order.
How does leasing a bike work?
Today, leasing a bike is very popular among students in the Netherlands. You will get a bike for a fixed amount per month and do not have to stress about possible damage or malfunctions. Instead, in the case of an issue, the lease company will take care of it. Just note that there are "own risk" amounts for certain occasions. 
Why should I buy a bike?
Most Dutch people have their own bike. If it's your own, you can do with it what you want and alter it to your liking. It's usually also much cheaper than leasing, especially if you plan. on using it for a longer period. 
Do many bikes get stolen? 
Unfortunately, theft of bikes is not rare in the Netherlands. It is recommended to lock your bike carefully and, if possible, attach your bike to a solid item (f.e. a fence/tree/streetlight). When your lease-bike gets stolen and it was locked (you still have 2 keys) usually you will get a new one but check the t&c's.
What is the process after I opted for a train voucher?
After we've charged you, you will receive a personal voucher within 2-5 business days. We will send this via mail and you will have to redeem your voucher here.
What is the difference between "off peak" and "all hours"?
As it gets rather busy in the trains during peak hours, the train company incentivizes travelling during "off-peak". With this ticket you can travel during the following hours:

Monday to Friday; between 9 AM and 4 PM and between 6:30 PM and 6:30 AM

- During the entire weekend; between Friday 6:30 PM and Monday 6:30 AM
How do I check if the voucher is beneficial to me?
The vouchers have a fixed price. You could check what the standard price is for a ticket from the machine/desk for your journey, add 1 EUR to that as that is the surcharge for a ticket at the machine. Check the price of your journey here.
I received my voucher after arrival in the Netherlands, what do I do?
That is not a problem, just save it for your next (long) train journey. The (unredeemed) voucher is valid until December 2022.
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