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Student Mobility is the go-to channel for internationals students in the Netherlands, who are looking for a suitable starter or part-time job.  We are primarily looking for partners who are willing to hire international students but we are also open to partnerships in other areas. 
Student Mobility / Student Recruitment
Our network of international students
We boast an extensive network of international students, which we have created through two channels: First, we partner with many universities throughout the Netherlands, who inform their students on how our products and services may benefit them. Second, we can reach out to anyone who has bought our OV-Chipkaart or rented a bike with us. 

Every year, over 1000 international students sign up for our job-search service, where we connect them with relevant employers. They attend universities in all major Dutch cities (Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Utrecht, Eindhoven, Den Haag, Nijmegen, Enschede, etc.). The majority (65%) are EU-passport holders, while 35% are from non-EU countries. 
In most cases, our international students are looking for one of two jobs: 

First, part-time jobs are in high demand, with students willing to work 16+ hours a week in, for example, hospitality, retail, delivery, order pick-up or babysitting. 

Second, students who have freshly graduated often come to us for starter jobs in the areas of IT, marketing, finance, business administration or law, among others. 
1. We pre-screen candidates.
We carefully interview every student to check their availability and preferences for work. This is usually done online but with people in Amsterdam we conduct interviews physically in our office.
2. We send potential matches.
We send you a list of potential candidates based on your criteria (nationality, amount of relevant experience, location, personality and study direction)
3. You choose the ideal candidate.
You interview candidates pre-screened by us and select the suitable ones that you then employ yourselves. We also ask for feedback on unsuccessful candidates as that helps us to find a more appropriate opportunity for them.

International students studying in the Netherlands

120,000 international students choose to study in the Netherlands every year. Most fall into the category of 'degree students', who choose the country for its wide variety of English-speaking Bachelor's or Master's programs. While many nationalities are represented, the majority of these students come from European Union countries, allowing them to freely work in the Netherlands next to their studies or upon graduating. 

However, we also reach out to non-EU students who would like to work in the Netherlands. Two processes exist to make this happen for them:  

1. An employer applies for a TWV free of charge here. Once this has been done, students are then able to work up to 16 hours per week for that company during the academic year. During the months from June to August, on the other hand, students can choose to work full-time. In order for an employer to be able to apply for a TWV, the student must have obtained their residence permit, which usually takes no longer than 60 days after arrival in the Netherlands. Meanwhile, an employer should be able to receive a student's TWV within five weeks, during which the student is able to receive their training. As soon as they have received their TWV, they can start working. 

2. A student registers as a freelancer via the KvK (Dutch Chamber Of Commerce) via this link, allowing them to work without any hour restrictions. Several forms will have to be filled out online, printed and shown during an in-person appointment, where a 75 EUR registration fee will also be demanded. The student should receive their business number (KvK) within 10 weeks. Any student interested in undergoing this process should get a  DIgiD , as this will simplify the process of getting insurance, paying taxes, etc. These will also be up to the student to manage themselves. 

Interested? Reach out to us and become one of our partners.

Cooperating with us
If you'd like to discuss any possibilities of working together, feel free to reach out to us. We'd be happy to chat about having you as one of our partners. 

In most cases, we offer two types of cooperation schemes for our job partners where you are granted access to qualified, highly-motivated students, and, in return, you provide us with the following: 

 - a bonus after hiring and once the student passes the probation period 
 - a commission based on the hours worked by the student 

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