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Discover the Netherlands by Public Transportation This Spring 

No car? No problem! Whether you’ve been living in the country for a while, or you’ve just arrived to start your exchange, this is your year to discover the Netherlands by public transportation. Whether from the rails, the streets, the bike paths, the tunnels or the water, it’s your choice how you’d like to explore the tourist hotspots and best-kept secrets alike. We'll teach you exactly how to discover the Netherlands by public transportation this spring.

January and February are everyone’s least favorite months. Let’s all take a second to appreciate that they’re over. What better way to take advantage of this year’s spring than by making it your goal to get to know the Netherlands better?

We can often get caught up in our student lives and don’t end up taking the trips we set out to do. Between trying to maintain a healthy balance of studying and partying, sightseeing is often no longer the priority. With this post, we’ll equip you with everything you’ll need to become an expert on the Netherlands. From forests and dunes to dykes and windmills, you can see it all. All you need is the will – and a Student Mobility Card

How do I get started?

One of our new year’s resolutions is to continue making mobility easier for new and seasoned international students in the Netherlands alike. We’ve done that through our Student Mobility Card, the most student-friendly public transportation card on the market. Be it train, tram, bus, metro, ferry, or bike, it’ll get you where you need to go. 

With our Student Mobility Card, you’ll get going in the most convenient fashion. Instead of loading money onto the card, you can travel as much as you want and we’ll automatically take the costs from your provided payment method. What’s more, is that you’ll even get a decent discount of 15% during weekends and off-peak hours. Nice, huh? 

You can grab a card on our website and we’ll ship it directly to your Dutch address or your university, depending on what suits you better. 

What modes of public transportation can I make use of?

With your Student Mobility Card, everything is fair game. If you’ll be using public transportation – be it the tram, metro or bus – in your Dutch city a lot, for example to get to classes, then you’ll simply have to scan your card when you enter the vehicle. You can also board any train within the Netherlands from both the NS and Arriva railway companies. Here, you scan your card either at the automatic train station gates to enter the platform or on ticket poles.  

What many students don’t know is that you can even use your Student Mobility Card to hop on the ferry or to secure yourself a bike – the so-called OV-fiets that you can rent at major Dutch train stations.

We've also explained the entire process of activating your Student Mobility card here, in case you'd like to know more. 

What is there to see?

A complete list of potential destinations to see in the Netherlands is enough for a separate blog post in itself. However, we’ve given you some ideas below. 

  • Keukenhof – a vibrant tulip garden just outside of Lisse 
  • Kinderdijk – a UNESCO world heritage site that harbors 19 impressive windmills 
  • Kasteel De Haar – the Netherlands’ largest fortification comprising an impressive castle and 240-acre estate 
  • De Efteling – a famous fantasy-inspired theme park full of rides and attractions
  • Van Gogh Museum – an Amsterdam-based museum that houses the largest collection of paintings by Van Gogh 

Aside from these attractions, which are of course not nearly all that the Netherlands has to offer, you should think of which Dutch cities you’d like to see. Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague, Utrecht and Maastricht are a must if you ask us. 

As it gets warmer, it’s important to take advantage of the weather to discover the country you’ve called home for the time being. Grab your StudentMobility Card and discover the Netherlands by public transport this spring! 

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