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The Best Study Spots in Delft

You may think: Why do I need to switch up my study routine if I can just work at home or the university library? Fair enough. Maybe you’ve found a spot that works for you and you’re happy being a creature of habit. But, bear with us. Sometimes switching things up does wonders for your productivity. Check out the best study spots in Delft and ace all of your next exams. 

Although TU Delft has a great university library, it can get pretty packed, especially during exam times. This sometimes makes it difficult to find a spot, and you’ll have to walk a lot of stairs to find an empty spot. Exercise is great, of course, but sometimes all you want is a comfortable seat and a nearby coffee machine. Fortunately for the students who have called Delft their (temporary) home, there are plenty of other great study spots sprinkled throughout the city. 

Echo Building

As this one is also on the TU Delft campus, it may not be a secret to anyone. The Echo Building finally opened last year and is made up of a combination of lecture halls, teaching rooms and study spots, both silent and non-silent. In the rare chance you haven’t checked it out yet, it’s worth taking your books here to get into study mode. It’s open from 8 in the morning to midnight every day, catering to both the morning person and night owl studier alike. 

There’s even a small vegetarian cafeteria serving all kinds of lunch options, while the barista-approved coffee will keep you focused. The one thing to note is that it can get as busy as the library, particularly in the silent zone. Make sure to get here early in the day or late in the afternoon to secure a spot, otherwise, you’ll have a hard time getting a seat. 

  • Address: Van Mourik Broekmanweg 5

Coffeecompany near the main square

You’ve probably heard people raving about Coffeecompany if you’ve been living in the Netherlands for a while. And there’s a good reason for it – the coffee is amazing. It’s everyone’s favorite study café, because you’re guaranteed good wifi and enough plugs, meaning you can get out your laptop and work away. 

It’s also not the kind of place that will pressure you to order something else every hour, which is definitely the case in some other spots around the Netherlands. That being said, it’s probably still not a good idea to order one drink and sit there for 6 hours straight. We also wouldn’t recommend this one for your most intense exam cramming session, as there will be some background noise from people coming and going. 

  • Address: Markt 19

Stu-d study spaces

You may not have heard of this one before, but Stud – a student-run temporary job agency – recently started offering 120 study spots in a building in the center of Delft. Whether you need a quiet, focused atmosphere or are looking for a spot to work with a project group, they’ve got you covered. There’s also a convenient tracker on their website, letting you know how many available spots there are at a given time. There’s also a space to grab some coffee and take a break in between! 

  • Address: Zocherweg


Ok, yes. This one may not be everyone’s thing. But, we’ve heard several students mention that the IKEA restaurant is actually a pretty good spot to study. There are more than enough tables to choose from and it rarely gets busy during the week. After all, there aren’t as many people shopping for furniture on a random Tuesday at 15:00 than, say, the same time on a Saturday.  

Whether you’re looking for coffee and sweets, or want a full-blown Swedish meatballs lunch, the IKEA restaurant can offer you the kind of study sustenance that’ll keep you focused for hours. And, while you’re already there, you may as well spruce up your student room a little, if there’s anything you’ve been putting off getting. It’s a win-win. 

  • Address: Olof Palmestraat 1

‘T Poostkantoor

This is another favorite among young people in Delft, and for good reason. The 70’s inspired interior and eclectic seating options of ‘t postkantoor make it a cozy space with great energy. In fact, if you’re a person who enjoys studying at home, but can easily be pulled down the procrastination rabbit hole, this café/restaurant/bar may be a great option. It truly feels like your second living room. 

If the sun dares to make an appearance on your study day, they also have a great open terrace if you don’t want to compromise on your vitamin D intake while working. And even better? When you’re all done, meet a couple of friends for a cold beertje or a glass of wine. 

  • Address: Hippolytusbuurt 14

That’s our list of best study spots in Delft that are not the university library. We hope you’ll check some of them up and mix up your routine. Happy studying!

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