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The Benefits Of Our Arrival Assistance

Moving abroad is a decision that you don’t make lightly. It’s the definition of leaving your comfort zone. There are so many challenges involved – from making friends to tackling a seemingly never-ending bureaucratic checklist. If you’ve recently decided to study in the Netherlands – or are considering doing so in the future – then Student Mobility has got you covered. These are the benefits of our Arrival Assistance.

You may be wondering exactly what we mean by Arrival Assistance. Technically, the name gives it away. We have come up with an email automation that assists you before, during and after your arrival in the Netherlands. Rather than having to do hours of research yourself, we’ve summed up everything that you need to know in convenient, bitesize information. That way you can spend more time on the important things, like getting settled in and exploring your new Dutch city. But exactly what can you expect?

1. Sort out all your mobility needs

How you’ll be getting around in the Netherlands is probably not at the top of your priority list. You’re probably thinking something along the lines of: “yeah, I’ll just get a bike”. That’s a great decision, considering that you’re moving to one of the world’s most bike-friendly countries. If you’ve got a bike, you’re set for most of your travel needs. Our Arrival Assistance will tell you exactly how to get one.

In some cases, a bike isn’t the most convenient option, however. Then, you’ll either want to take public transportation – such as a tram, metro or bus – or hop on a train. In the Netherlands, there’s one mobility card that you can use on all of these. Student Mobility has come up with its own version, specifically tailored to international students – the Student Mobility Card. You can read about all the specifics in our Arrival Assistance, including the nice discount it’ll grant you!

2. Tackle the practicalities

Practicalities are a great way to guarantee yourself a headache, especially when they concern bureaucracy. Understanding what you need to do in a new country is especially difficult when you don’t speak the language. It involves a ton of research that you’d probably rather not do.

Well, good news. If you sign up for our Arrival Assistance, you won’t have to. We’ll walk you through all the necessary steps – think opening a bank account, registering at the municipality, getting health insurance and finding a job.

3. Packing Tips & Tricks

Not forgetting something while packing for your new life in the Netherlands is next to impossible. But we’ll do our very best to remind you of all the non-negotiable things that you’ll definitely need (spoiler alert: one of them is a raincoat). We’ve compiled a comprehensive packing checklist that includes everything from clothes to miscellaneous utensils.

So, what are you waiting for? Sign up here and discover the benefits of our Arrival Assistance. We’ll have you settled in your new city in no time!

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