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4 Ways to Enhance Your Student Life This Summer 

With summer in full swing, it's the perfect time to make the most of your last university days this semester in the Netherlands. Here are four ways to make your summer unforgettable and enrich your experience as a student in the Netherlands. 

How can I study better for exams? 

Before we jump into the list, some international students may want some tips to improve their study skills before the last exams start. Maybe you’ve spent your year adjusting to the new environment and making new friends, and now you’re ready to get the best grades for your last exams. If so, then it’s worth keeping these tips and tricks in mind:  

  • vary your study location between home, a café, and the library  
  • consider studying with friends  
  • teach yourself the material by repeating it out loud 
  • keep organized notes during all your classes  
  • summarize your summaries to enhance memorization  
  • use ChatGPT or AI tools to your advantage 

4 ways to enhance your student life this summer 

1 Get a Bike 

If you want to live the quintessential Dutch life, a bike is hardly negotiable. If you still haven’t seized the chance to get one, the ideal time to change that is this summer. From keeping you healthy and making sure that you always have a way to get home after a night out, the summer is the best time to get yourself a trusty, metal companion.  

If you’re quick to get overwhelmed by the seemingly endless number of options, don’t worry. Our bike program is specifically designed for international students. Whether you’d like to buy a refurbished, pre-loved bike for a great price or lease one for a flexible period, both are possible. Find more information here.  

2 Explore the Netherlands by Train 

I’m sure you love discovering the Dutch city you’re studying in. Maybe you’ve figured out your local routine – your favorite bar, go-to study café, or most scenic park. While this is great, it’s important to remember the other gems that the Netherlands has to offer, from coastal dunes and historical cities to impressive museums and amazing nightlife.   

The best way to see it all? The train, of course. Not only is the train system easy to get the hang of, but it can also connect you to all areas of the country. If you ask us, summer is the perfect time to get to know your new host country better!  

The only thing keeping you from this plan may be the size of your wallet. Since train tickets can be expensive, we’ve come up with a solution specially tailored to international students. Since most don’t qualify for the Dutch free travel product, our Student Mobility Card guarantees a sweet discount of 15% during weekends and off-peak hours, so you can save while broadening your horizons. Get your travel card here.  

3 Take an Interrail Trip 

In addition to exploring the Netherlands, it’s also worth exploring the rest of Europe – especially if you’re a non-EU student. Your Dutch city is likely a great starting point to discover other impressive, European cities in nearby countries, such as Brussels, Berlin, Paris, London, or Luxembourg. Why not reserve an upcoming break this summer for an Interrail trip with your friends?  

Student Mobility has partnered with Interrail to offer students several trip options. Whether you’d like to take a weekend getaway or a vacation lasting several weeks, there’s an option out there for you. The best part? If you get an Interrail ticket via our website, you’ll also receive an ISIC student ID with your purchase. That way, you can save a little on activities or food in every city you visit. Grab the Interrail Pass that accommodates all your wildest travel dreams here.  

Need more inspiration? We’ve outlined some destination suggestions in a previous blog post here

4. Get a Job

It sounds counterintuitive: Why would working more enhance your student life, especially in the summer? Yet, the bigger your student budget, the more you’ll be able to do in your free time, from cultural activities to going out with your friends. It also shouldn’t be impossible to balance a part-time job when you have a break from your studies. Fortunately, there are plenty of employers looking for students who want to work flexibly, and the options range from hospitality and delivery to social media management and teaching work.  

Your student days will fly by, so make the most of them this summer. Getting a bike, exploring the Netherlands by train, taking an Interrail trip, and securing a job are four great ways to enhance your student life. Enjoy the summer and create lasting memories to look back on! 

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