Student Mobility thinks that Revolut is the best bank for international students in the Netherlands. 

For many arriving international students, opening a bank account is a hassle. Not only do you need your BSN with most, traditional Dutch banks but it can sometimes even be expensive. Revolut solves these issues by providing you with a free account that has the same functionalities as all other payment systems in the Netherlands. 
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Why do you need a Dutch bank account?
The Dutch payment system differs slightly from that of most other countries in the world. Like Germany, the Netherlands is a "Maestro" country, and most Dutch stores do not accept credit cards.
European IBAN
In order to receive payments from, for example, your university, employer or the Dutch government, you will need a European IBAN number. This is due to the fact that exchange rates create difficulties in wiring money to non-EU accounts.
Meastro country
Maestro's are the debit cards most widely used in the Netherlands. You can use them to pay in-store, withdraw cash and to pay online.
IDEAL system for online payments
When paying online with your Maestro card, iDEAL will be the way to do it. It's a safe, online banking system that makes fulfilling a transaction incredibly easy. 
If anything else is unclear, you can find step-by-step instructions on how to travel in the Netherlands on our website. Our English-speaking customer service would also be happy to answer your questions! 


While most traditional banks will require you to submit your BSN (Dutch citizen service number), Revolut won't require this right off the bat. This means that, even if you haven't gotten a registration appointment at city hall yet, you already get a Maestro card, completely free of charge. There's even the option of selecting a completely digital card if you'd like to save some plastic. Finally, if you no longer want your card when leaving the Netherlands, canceling it only takes a few seconds. 

Traditional Dutch Banks

ING ABN, Rabobank, SNS, KNAB

Online banks

Bunq, N26
How do you make a Revolut account? 
Below, you'll see the steps you'll have to follow to successfully and correctly open a Revolut account for your stay in the Netherlands: 

1. download the Revolut app
2. enter your phone number 
3. receive a 6-digit code and enter it in the empty fields
4. enter your first and last name, date of birth and email address
5.  create a 4-digit passcode to enter your app
6. disclose whether you're a citizen of the Netherlands - if no, select your home country from the list
7. Take a selfie to verify that you're a real person
8. Upload an identity document, whether passport, driving license or identity card 
9. Select whether the Netherlands is your sole tax residency 
10. If yes, you can enter your BSN (citizen service number) if you already have it, or choose to postpone this step until later on
11. add your first sum of money to your new card - choose from 0, 10, 20, 50EUR or enter your desired amount. 

Your new Maestro card is then ready to be added to your Apple Wallet or Google Pay. Now you'll be able to pay in all Dutch stores, withdraw money or make online transactions via iDEAL. You can also choose to have a physical card shipped to your Dutch address later. 

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TripKey Mobility
Your TripKey Mobility Card will provide you with access to all modes of public transportation in the Netherlands. Connect to the app and travel seamlessly.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Opening a Revolut account
Is Revolut free of charge?
Yes, a Revolut account is free of charge if you select the standard option. If you'd like more functionalities/cards, a monthly fee will be included depending on the plan you choose. We recommend trying the premium option 3 months for free with our referral link as that way you can easily exchange your currency for euros at a very favourable rate.
Do I need a Dutch BSN number to open a Revolut account?
No, you can apply with a valid passport or other legal identification. The onboarding process is very clear and will explain exactly what to do.
I already have a Revoluta account, but my account does not allow me to have a Maestro card. What should I do?
Make sure to change your address in your profile to a Dutch one. Do the same with your phone number once you obtain a Dutch one.
What happens after I sign-up to your bike-program?
Student Mobility is not the supplier of bikes. Instead, we have carefully selected the best suppliers for both buying and leasing a bike. After signing up, you will receive an email with all the information needed to place your order.
How does leasing a bike work?
Today, leasing a bike is very popular among students in the Netherlands. You will get a bike for a fixed amount per month and do not have to stress about possible damage or malfunctions. Instead, in the case of an issue, the lease company will take care of it. Just note that there are "own risk" amounts for certain occasions. 
Why should I buy a bike?
Most Dutch people have their own bike. If it's your own, you can do with it what you want and alter it to your liking. It's usually also much cheaper than leasing, especially if you plan. on using it for a longer period. 
Do many bikes get stolen? 
Unfortunately, theft of bikes is not rare in the Netherlands. It is recommended to lock your bike carefully and, if possible, attach your bike to a solid item (f.e. a fence/tree/streetlight). When your lease-bike gets stolen and it was locked (you still have 2 keys) usually you will get a new one but check the t&c's.
What is the process after I opted for a train voucher?
After we've charged you, you will receive a personal voucher within 2-5 business days. We will send this via mail and you will have to redeem your voucher here.
What is the difference between "off peak" and "all hours"?
As it gets rather busy in the trains during peak hours, the train company incentivizes travelling during "off-peak". With this ticket you can travel during the following hours:

Monday to Friday; between 9 AM and 4 PM and between 6:30 PM and 6:30 AM

- During the entire weekend; between Friday 6:30 PM and Monday 6:30 AM
How do I check if the voucher is beneficial to me?
The vouchers have a fixed price. You could check what the standard price is for a ticket from the machine/desk for your journey, add 1 EUR to that as that is the surcharge for a ticket at the machine. Check the price of your journey here.
I received my voucher after arrival in the Netherlands, what do I do?
That is not a problem, just save it for your next (long) train journey. The (unredeemed) voucher is valid until December 2022.
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