2024 Mobility Package

Check out our mobility package.
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Tu Eindhoven Mobility
Access all public transport in NL.
Buy or lease your first bike.
Receive discounted train tickets.

Student Mobility Card (OV-Chipkaart + ISIC-ID)

Benefit from the Netherlands' excellent public transportation system with the Student Mobility Card.
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You will get a Mobility Card to travel in all forms of Public transport and an ISIC official student-ID. After you receive your public transport card there is an optional but recommended monthly plan.

Bike Program

€25 per month
Be like locals, reserve your rental bike and pick it up at University or schedule a drop-off.
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*Choose single speed or with gears.This is a pre-payment for the first month, the contract starts after pick-up. If you change your mind we will refund the full amount.
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