Getting a bike (subscription)

How do I get a bike?

If you’d like to get a bike via Student Mobility, you have several options. Both buying and leasing is possible. We’ve partnered with trustworthy companies to ensure that you can have easy access to a bike that always works. You can check the availabilities here.

If you attend certain universities, you’ll even have the option to reserve your bike via us in advance and then pick it up during the intro days, namely for Radboud University, Utrecht University of Applied Sciences, Erasmus University, TU/e Eindhoven and Fontys University of Applied Sciences.

How do I pay for my bike subscription?

While reserving your bike, we’ll already charge you the amount to cover the first month. The fee for the second month will then be automatically deducted from the card you provided during the original purchase 30 days after you picked up your bike.

In case we cannot automatically deduct the money from your bank account, you’ll have to make the transfer manually by logging into your Student Mobility account. All monthly payments must be in order if you ever want to cancel your bike subscription.

How do I return my bike?

We’ll give you a choice of several dates at the end of the semester on which you will be able to return your bike to us. Keep an eye on your emails, as we’ll let you know when this will be with plenty of time in advance.

In case you have any other questions, or would like to give your bike back earlier, you can contact us at

When does my subscription officially start?

Though you’ll be charged your first month’s reservation fee when you rent a bike from us, your subscription won’t officially start until you pick up your bike, either at your university or at a Swapfiets location.

Why should I lease a bike rather than buy one?

You may feel that owning your own bike makes the most sense for you. However, the reality of being a bike owner in the Netherlands includes frequent theft and potential damages. Leasing instead can give you peace of mind.

For a fixed monthly fee, you’ll always have a working bike – if something breaks, you can get it replaced. Even if your bike is stolen (and you still have the key), you’ll be able to get another one at a much lower fee than it would cost to buy an entirely new bike.

How do I manage my bike subscription?

You’ll be able to manage your bike subscription (e.g. payment, cancellation, etc.) via your Student Mobility account. If you already ordered a bike through us, you’ve probably already created an account. If not, you can do so via our website. 

Can I end my subscription at any time?

If you’d like to cancel your bike subscription, you’ll have to let us know one month in advance. For example, if your contract started on the 30th of February and you cancel on the 21st of October, you’ll have to return your bike before the 22nd of November.

You also won’t be able to give back your bike unless you have paid all outstanding invoices. This only pertains to you if we were unable to deduct money from your card for any reason. If this is the case, you can catch up on all payments manually by logging into your Student Mobility account.

Do you want to end your subscription? You can do so by logging into your account. 

Bike practicalities

What bikes can I choose from?

You can choose between a single speed bike with pedal brakes and a 7-gear bike with handbrakes. You’ll know best which one will suit you better – consider the frequency and distance you plan on biking.

If you’re not interested in renting, you could also buy a bike via our partner. Find an overview of available options here.

Can I exchange my bike?

If you need to exchange your bike, for example due to it breaking down, you can request to have it swapped within 2-5 business days at the pick-up location where you received your bike, either your university or a Swapfiets store.

How can I adjust my bike saddle?

It's a simple process. All you have to do is loosen the bolt that keeps the seat in place, adjust the saddle to hip-height and re-tighten the bolt once you're happy with the height. 

We've explained exactly how to do this 

How should I lock my bike?

Considering the frequency of bike theft in the Netherlands, make sure to lock your bike at all times. Yes… even if you just pop into the grocery store for five minutes. Your bike will have a double lock that will not only secure the back tire but can also be used to attach your bike to a solid item – such as a street sign, lamp post or bike rack.

You won’t be able to remove the key unless your bike is properly locked, so always make sure that you’ve done so.

Check exactly how to do it in this video 

Where can I pick up my bike?

After reserving a bike via Student Mobility, you’ll be able to pick up it up either at your university or a Swapfiets location. All necessary information will also follow in an email. We’ll also be present at many open and registration days.

Troubleshooting & Issues

My lights don’t work anymore. What now?

Contact us at if your lights stopped working so that we can arrange a bike swap. You could always grab an extra set of cheap lights too, just in case. These can be bought at HEMA or Action.

How do I proceed if I accidentally lost my bike key?

Let us know immediately at Then, we’ll replace it for you. Please note that this will cost 15 euros.

I heard that the municipality removes bikes sometimes. What do I do if I suspect that they took mine?

The municipality of your Dutch city may remove your bike in two scenarios – either you parked it incorrectly in an ‘illegal’ spot (for example outside the designated racks in a train station bike parking) or you left it in the same place for too long. Both of these scenarios usually occur in or around train stations.

If you suspect that your bike may have been removed by the municipality for either of these reasons, you’ll be able to get it back by picking it up at a nearby bike facility or fietsdepot. This will cost you between 25 and 50 euros.

All removed bikes are listed here. If you can’t find it in this database, your bike may have been stolen.

My bike is broken. What now?

If your bike is broken we’ll arrange a remote swap, either at your university campus or at a Swapfiets store. Contact us at and we’ll tell you the next steps.

What do I do if my bike was stolen?

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