Getting a bike (subscription)

How do I get a bike?

If you’d like to get a bike via Student Mobility, you have several options. Both buying and leasing is possible. We’ve partnered with trustworthy companies to ensure that you can have easy access to a bike that always works. You can check the availabilities here.

If you attend certain universities, you’ll even have the option to reserve your bike via us in advance and then pick it up during specific days, namely for Radboud University, Utrecht University of Applied Sciences, Erasmus University, TU/e Eindhoven and Fontys University of Applied Sciences. 

If you cannot attend these introduction days where bikes are handed out, then you can also send a friend to collect the bike on your behalf. Alternatively, you can also email us and we can walk you through the necessary steps via a video call on WhatsApp.

How do I pay for my bike subscription?

You’ll be charged your first month’s reservation fee when you rent a bike from us, but your bike leasing period only starts on the day when you pick up your bike.

If you have a bike from StudentMobility, then you should download our app before picking up your bike and connect a payment method there. We will then be charging you every month through our app. Your bike subscription will appear in the app within 2 weeks after your bike pick-up.

Why should I lease a bike rather than buy one?

You may feel that owning your own bike makes the most sense for you. However, the reality of being a bike owner in the Netherlands includes frequent theft and potential damages. Leasing instead can give you peace of mind especially if are here for a short period of time.

For a fixed monthly fee, you’ll always have a working bike – if something breaks, you can get it replaced. Even if your bike is stolen (and you still have the key), you’ll only have to pay 50 euros which is much less than a new bike would cost.

How do I manage my bike subscription?

You’ll be able to manage your bike subscription (e.g. payment etc.) via your Student Mobility App.

Please note that the account you have in our app is a different account than the one on our website.

You can check everything related to your bike: subscription date, bike type, payment status, and even cancelling on the app. Super handy!

Can I end my subscription at any time?

If you’d like to cancel your bike subscription, you’ll have to let us know by emailing one month in advance. For example, if your contract starts on the 1st of February and you cancel on the 10th of October, you’ll have to return your bike before the 9th of November.

You also won’t be able to give back your bike unless you have paid all outstanding invoices. This is only relevant to you if we are unable to deduct money from your card/bank account. You will be notified in case there are any failed payments for your subscription. 

Returning your Bike

Location Nijmegen (Radboud) 

To return the bike go to the indoor bike parking of the Linnaeus Building on campus (location below), find the “Student Mobility Bikes” and a grey box on the side of the bikes. 

You must lock the bike the same as the bikes that are there and put the key in the opening of the locker box. When done send us a picture of the bike being returned to on the same day when you return it (make sure your bike code is visible on the pictures) and please also send us a photo of putting the key in the box.

Be aware of the opening hours of the parking, it might be closed over the weekend.

Radboud indoor bike parking Linnaeus buildingStudent Mobility bikes at Radboud Nijmegen

Location Utrecht (UAS Utrecht)

Please note we have a one month cancellation policy as stated on our website and the bike handout that was previously sent to you before you picked up your bike. Therefore, we can only cancel your subscription one month from when you give us notice via 
You can return the bike earlier but you will be charged until your subscription ends. If you want to return the bike because there are some issues with the bike or it is too small/big, then please contact us and we can arrange a free bike return.

You can return the bike at the bike parking of the HU (Padualaan 101, near the exit to the cambridgelaan) location below, lets us know when you will return the bike. We have installed a black postal box where you can drop off the bike and please put the key. Send us a picture of the bike being returned to on the same day when it is returned (please make sure that your bike code is visible in the photos) and also send us a photo of putting the key in the box!

Location Rotterdam (Erasmus University)

To return your bike please arrange an appointment with our colleague in Rotterdam and send an email to our local ambassador Petr at and

Please include the following details in your email:

- Your order number
- Your full name
- The email address you have used for the app
- Bike number (the number on the frame starting with EFE)

Location Eindhoven (TU Eindhoven)

To return your bike please arrange an appointment with our colleague in Eindhoven and send an email to our local ambassador Mara at and

Please include the following details in your email:

- Your order number
- Your full name
- The email address you have used for the app
- Bike number (the number on the frame starting with EFE)

Location Arnhem (UAS HAN)

Follows soon!

Location Maastricht

Follows soon!

Bike practicalities

What bikes can I choose from?

You can choose between a city bike (7 gear with handbrake) or an e-bike. You’ll know best which one will suit you better – consider the frequency and distance you plan on biking.

If you would like to have an e-bike, you can mail us at

How can I adjust my bike saddle?

It's a simple process. All you have to do is loosen the bolt that keeps the seat in place, adjust the saddle to hip height and re-tighten the bolt once you're happy with the height. 

We've explained exactly how to do this 

How should I lock my bike?

Considering the frequency of bike theft in the Netherlands, it is best to make sure to lock your bike at all times. Yes… even if you just pop into the grocery store for five minutes. 

Your bike will have a double lock that will not only secure the back tire but can also be used to attach your bike to a solid item – such as a street sign, lamp post or bike rack.

You won’t be able to remove the key unless your bike is properly locked, so always make sure that you’ve done so.

Check exactly how to do it in this video 

Troubleshooting & Issues

My lights don’t work anymore. What now?

Contact us at if your lights stop working so that we can arrange a bike swap. You can always grab an extra set of cheap lights too, just in case. These can be bought at HEMA or Action.

My bike is broken. Can I exchange my bike?

If you need to exchange your bike, for example, due to it breaking down, you can request to have it swapped free of charge. 

Please email in case you have a StudentMobility bike.

My bike is missing. What now?

We recommend you first look again around the area where you saw it last time and ask the security guards if they know about any recent thefts (if relevant) and check the lost and found section of the nearby buildings (if relevant). 

We also recommend you wait a few days and check whether your bike was not taken by the municipality (this is mostly the case when you do not park at an appropriate place in crowded areas such as train stations). To find out if the municipality took your bike you will need the chassis/bike number that can be found in the Student Mobility App. 

Municipality websites:
- Nijmegen/Radboud: and
-Utrecht/HU: and
- Rotterdam:
- Eindhoven:

If after a few days, your bike is not found by the municipality, then follow the steps below.

1. File a police report via this website ( and send the whole report to us. Please make sure you mention your chassis/frame number when filing a police report. You can also file a police report in person at a police station. The frame number has this format: EFE7045914 and can be found in the middle part of the bike. If you cannot find it, then please contact us.

2. Send us the bike keys via post in a sealed envelope. Below is our address:

Student Mobility 
Singel 413H, 1012 WP
Amsterdam, Netherlands. 

Make sure to mention your name, the email you use in our app and the order number as a note on the key.

3. We will send you a payment link for 50 euros if you send us the bike key and the police report within one week. If you only send us the police report, then we will have to charge you 350 euros as we have to assume you did not lock your bike. Once you send us proof of paying 50/350 euros to then you can pick up a replacement bike or have your subscription canceled.
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